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B2B shop with barcode search and mobile app integration
Navigating the development and design landscape for Warehouse Cyprus was a dynamic journey for our team. With a robust focus on web development and design, we delved into creating a cutting-edge platform for a B2B shop with specialized features like barcode search and seamless mobile app integration.

Drawing inspiration from the unique needs of Warehouse Cyprus, we reimagined the product, pricing, and user pages, ensuring an intuitive and visually appealing interface. Collaborating closely with industry experts, we fine-tuned the platform, placing emphasis on a seamless B2B shopping experience and efficient barcode search functionality.

Our approach involved intricate data entry and migration processes, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving valuable information. The integration of a mobile app further enhances accessibility and convenience for users on the go.

Powered by robust technologies such as Gatsby and Breakdance WP, the Warehouse Cyprus website stands as a testament to our commitment to superior web development and design. This platform seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality, offering an exceptional digital experience tailored to the unique requirements of a modern B2B environment.
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Provided Services
Brand Identity
Motion Design
Web Design
Web Development
Mobile App Integration
Barcode Scanner
Data Entry
Data Import

Key Results and Outcomes

Designed & developed a brand-new marketing website
Diligently migrated all the content and integrations from accounting program and new product data entry
Increased the performance score up to 90 points despite animation-heavy content

We have delivered design and development services for numerous additional projects.

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