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Cleanthi Life 

A hub for olive oil wellness and Mediterranean diet essentials.
Revolutionizing the online presence for Cleanthi Life, an exquisite olive oil shop, was an exciting journey for our team. Armed with a rich company history and a wealth of content, we swiftly crafted a brand-new look that encapsulates the essence of Mediterranean heritage.

The challenge lay in visualizing the subscription programs and pages dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet, the benefits of olive oil, and a patented formula. The intricacies of translating these concepts into a seamless and engaging user interface required numerous iterations to achieve perfection.

Our design process involved reimagining product, pricing, and customer pages, collaborating closely with experts like CleanthiLife's product designer. We focused on incorporating bespoke illustrations and intricate animations to enhance the user experience.

The Cleanthi Life website seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality, ensuring easy page creation and editing without compromising on performance. The result is a visually stunning and informative platform that reflects the brand's commitment to quality and tradition.
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Provided Services
Brand Identity
Motion Design
Web Design
Web Development

Key Results and Outcomes

Designed & developed a brand-new marketing website
Built a Storyblok-based blog and created a content managing pipeline for the marketing team
Increased the performance score up to 93 points despite animation-heavy content

We have delivered design and development services for numerous additional projects.

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